The Original Story Challenge

When you’ve got a job and kid and distractions up the wazoo, challenge is just what I need to remind me that, beneath it all, I’m a writer.

It’s not the competition of a challenge itself that does it, but knowing that some other sentient soul in the universe has thrown down the gauntlet.

I was stuck in mid-novel hell (that sucker never did get completed).

My soul-brother, the once-novelist and now-prof Mark Cirino, issued a palette cleanser of a challenge to me. “Listen to Romance in Durango, by Bob Dylan,” he said. “If you still can’t come up with a story after hearing that, you’re toast.”

The story result is here. I’d rate it over 5 but way under 10.

As a gift for completing the story, crappy at it was, Mark gave me a CD (remember those?) of Desire, the album from whence this song came. It remains one of my favorite albums of all time.


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